Little Carpathian mountains and mystic castles

2 days tour: The Little Carpathian Mountains and Driny cave

Near and far away: a little big mystery of the Little Carpathian mountains

The castle ruins. The old nations. The peaks higher than Eiffel tower and smaller than Burj Kalifa. The Little Carpathian mountains have embraced Bratislava for many years. Ready for a little big mystery? Ready for the Little Carpathian mountains? Ready for hiking, history, food and wines and adventure? We will lead you to the mountains embracing Bratislava to show you Molpir, an old Celtic oppidum. We will show you the castle ruins and talk the old legends. We will climb. We will fly. And at the evening we will taste a real Slovak goose and listen to a story about wine explained by a Slovak winemaker.

*Ostrý Kameň castle, the highest located castle ruin in the Little Carpathian mountains* Záruby (756m), the highest peak of the Little Carpathian mountains * Smolenice, a born place of the inventor of parachute and the Smolenice castle, built in the 14th century to protect the routes of the Little Carpathian mountains and the Czech trade route with beautiful English park * Molpír, where primeval dwellings were discovered including the tribes of thrakian-scythian remains, Celtic remains, and remains of the Great Moravian settlements* Driny cave, the only accessible cave in the Little Carpathian mountains, opened for more than 80 years* Včelovina (mead) tasting in Smolenice, according to legend, it's older than mankind - under the name of ambrosia, it was drunk by ancient Gods and was known by every worthy ancient civilization*

OVERVIEW: 2 days * 2-10 persons * May-November * pick up: Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest * drop-off: Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest * price: from 399€ per person

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