3 days tour: Gorgeous

3 days tour: Castles and manor houses in the northern Slovakia with hiking

More than 100 castles and at least double this number of manor houses built in different historical eras. In the past, the protagonists of history and their owners controlled the life of the country and its people. The protectors hidden in beautiful natural sceneries, witnesses of many battles, with majesty radiating the fame, elegance and romance. We will lead you to the observers of our history. You will listen to the tones of one Beethoven´s symphonies in the castle where it was composed. With opened eyes, mouths and hearts.

* Čičmany, picturesque village famous for its original log houses with the typical white ornamentation in geometrical pattern * hiking to Kľak mountain, a smaller brother of Swiss Matterhorn * hiking to Strážov mountain, with amazing views * wellness in Rajecké Teplice spa *the Lietava castle, built in the 14th century with the first known owner Matúš Čák Trenčiansky, a legendary lord of „the Ván river and the Tatra mountains“ * the Budatínsky hrad castle, from 13th century in Romanesque style with elements of the Early Gothic architecture later altered in the Renaissance style and with story about  beautiful Katarína who was, while still alive, walled up in the Castle based on an order from her father * the Oravský hrad castle, a castle where the film Nosferatu Vampire was filmed * Starhrad castle, located upon the Váh River, The seat of a province in 13th and 14th centuries * Strečno castle, an indispensable part of the landscape scenery of the Malá Fatra mountains and the castle rock and the path above the Castle provide a beautiful view of the Strečiansky priesmyk mountain pass, Domašínsky meander and a great part of the Žilinská kotlina basin * wood rafting down the Váh river* Haluzice, an old Romanesque church * the smallest Slovak gorge, only 1.5km long, Haluzická gorge, with an atmosphere of a deep primeval forest with burbling stream at its heart * tasting the Bošácka slivovica from the local distillery*


* romantic and mysterious castles along the lower Váh river

* hiking to the mountain with amazing panoramic views

* picturesque village with original log houses

* the smallest Slovak gorge

* tasting the Bošácka slivovica

OVERVIEW: 3 days/ 2 nights * 2-10 persons * May-November * pick up: Bratislava, Vienna* drop-off: Bratislava, Vienna* price: from 300€ per person


2 persons: 550€ per person

4 persons: 350€ per person

6 persons: 330€ per person

8 persons: 300€ per person

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