3 days tour: Decoding the runes

3 days tour: Decoding the runes in the Kremnica Mountains and the Slovak Golden Town Kremnica

A Slovak Golden Town. With gold mining and coin minting and with famous “Kremnica ducats”, which were used as an international means of payment as a result of their consistently high purity of gold. Kremnica. 175km from Bratislava.

One of the richest towns of the Kingdom of Hungary, with the world´s oldest still-operating mint, established in 1328.

There is an old Romanesque and Gothic church located on a hill. 4 km from Kremnica.

In its garden lies hidden the geographical center of Europe.

And there is 2,000 year old Slavic lettering on the andesite rocks at the mysterious Slavic place of sacrifice, Velestúr, where Slavic priests made offerings to their gods. It is named after “Veles”,  the arch Slavic god of earth, water, and the underworld.

Let´s make a guess at the origin of this mysterious lettering!

*the Kremnica castle * the Calvary in Kremnica * an observatory tower at Krahulsky peak (959m) with the panoramic view * Kremnická Mincovňa, the oldest still-working mint in the world, established in 1328 * Museum of kitsch, the only one this art in Europe *  Mining museum (mine Andrej) * the Slovak geographical centre of Europe in Kremnické Vrchy mountain range, off the main road from Kremnica to Martin, next to the gothic Church of John Baptist* * Topolčianky, a picturesque Classicist-style manor house, a summer residence of the Habsburg royal house and Czechoslovak president* Topolčianky Bison Park, where one can see Europe´s largest mammal, the European bison, "a close relative" of more known, the North American buffalo * the Hrušov castle with a romantic atmosphere and amazing panoramic view * a very beautiful trekking in not well-known and hidden mountains in the centre of Slovakia to the mysterious old Slavic sacrificial place, Velestúr (1,254m), with an old Slavic lettering (2,000 years old) on the rocks

Highlights :

* picturesque Classicist-style manor house and English garden

* Bison Park

* romantic castle

* hiking to the mysterious old Slavic sacrificial place

* the oldest still-working mint in the world

* geographical center of Europe

* Museum of kitsch

OVERVIEW: 3 days/ 2 nights * 2-10 persons * May-November * pick up: Bratislava, Vienna * drop-off: Bratislava, Vienna * price: from 300€ per person


2 persons: 550€ per person

4 persons: 350€ per person

6 persons: 320€ per person

8 persons: 300€ per person

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