2:30 a.m. After a very short sleep and more than two hours’ drive we stand on a big parking place in the middle of the island Bali. A holy mountain called Batur raises above us. We shake the hand with Wayan. For the next several hours our guide.

1,770 m. After two hours climbing with more than 200 people and Wayan, our guide, a few times praying to Balinese gods, we are on Batur. One of two active volcanos on Bali.

And we are waiting for a sunrise sitting next to a German girl, eating hard-boiled eggs, banana bread and drinking black tea. “It is starting,” says the German girl and behind the fog we can see the first shaft of light.

And hugged by the Balinese gods and Chinese drones we are trying to enjoy the atmosphere and the sunrise. Little bit noisy and crowdy.

21 October. Two years later. We are climbing again. Now in Slovakia. There are extinct stratovolcanos in the Central Slovakia. Vtáčnik is one of them. With deep forests and bizarre volcanic rock formations. We were there. Enjoyed the silence and shadows of the monumental trees. And got lost. And found ourselves again. With an generous assistance of an young hunter Jan.

How to get there?

- by car using D1 and R1 highways to Horná Ves village, approximately one hour drive from Bratislava

Eat here: Restaurant Afrodita Chateau Čereňany

Sleep here: Hotel Chateau Čereňany

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