We have seen a lot of castles this year. Everyone had a story.

The Dobra Voda Castle is extraordinary. There is a route through two cemeteries to this castle. One cemetery is modern with lighted candles and flowers. The second is old Jewish. Abandoned. The path to the castle runs through the forest. With every single step you look around waiting for Robin Hood, Wilhelm Tell, Juraj Jánošík or even Batman skipping down from the tree. Plenty of robbers used to live in this region. And a brutal castle lord was imprisoned here. He died here as well. And his soul did not find the peace, so at the nights he as a mysterious knight walked in darkness through the castle with a flame sword. Or you can have a talk with Slovak Exupéry, Milan Rastislav Štefánik. A real national hero. The man, who was only 1.64 m tall (5’4”) and died aged 39, managed to be a scientist, an astronomer, a diplomat, a brigadier general and one of the founders of the first independent Czechoslovak Republic.

The Dobra Voda Castle is hidden in the forest. And in the shadow of trees waits to be explored.

How to get there

- by car using D1 highway to Trnava, then routes E51/E560/E1276 to Dobrá Voda village, approximately one hour drive from Bratislava

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