Passion. This immortal word accompanies us when we take a hiking route. To search for something invisible. To search for knowledge.

With passion already in 19th century Dr. Téry organized trips to Banská Štiavnica´s surroundings as a prestigious social activity only for the highest social class. Organized hiking in the Štiavnica Mountains is considered to be the oldest in Europe. Sitno Hiking Club was founded in 1860 as the second one in Europe. After one on London. And in 1864 this Club marked the very first hiking path in Europe.

Sitno. Not only the tallest peak of the Štiavnica Mountains and subject of numerous legends, also the most mystic and secret peak in Slovakia.

Also it could be a very good place where God's favourite human being Dr. Faust in desire for infinite knowledge and wisdom could have signed the blood pact with the demon Mephistopheles.

How to get there: by car using D1 and R1 highways to Banská Štiavnica, approximately two hours’ drive from Bratislava

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