3 June 1914. A young man jumps from a 15-storey building in Washington, D.C. To test his spectacular invention. A parachute.

His name is Štefan Banič. And his birthplace is near to the Smolenice Castle. Fabulous place!

Here used to live people of Kalenderberg culture in 7th century BC in mysterious Molpír. Here you can sit under the trees in huge English garden and harken to a tragic love story of Ladislav Očkaj and Iľka. Here you can taste a sweet mead known even in old Egypt, Greece, Rome, by the Celtic, Slavic or Germanic tribes. And talk to bees. Or read about their history.

How to get there: by car using the route E75 to Smolenice village, approximately one hour drive from Bratislava

Eat here: Forhaus Restaurant Trnava

Sleep here: Saint Michel Hotel Trnava

Curious? Join us!

Stay tuned and have a look: https://www.one2we.eu/tours/27/3-days-tour-the-mysterious-castles

Price: from 300€/per person/3 days

Contact us to get more information: slovakia@one2we.eu