Let´s take a road trip through Bratislava´s outskirts along a winding road through the pine forest overlooking the gently rounded hills of the Little Carpathians. Hidden among the landscape are mysterious castle ruins, perched on rocks whose ancient strength you can test while climbing and admire from above while paragliding. Examine the town situated on the trade road Via Magna in the past. Admire the Scala Sancta. A set of 28 white marble steps, originally leading up to the praetorium of Pontius Pilate in Jerusalem on which Jesus Christ stepped on his way to trial during his Passion. Harken to a story, a Slovak remake of the Trojan war, involving the kidnapping of a beautiful woman and the epic struggle to free her. Wander enraptured among a sea of white; snowdrops beyond counting will carpet your way. Return to the past and feel time stop listening to the wind whisper through the blades of an historic windmill. Or in modern wind park.

How to get there: by car using route E65 to Malacky village, approximately 30 minutes’ drive from Bratislava, then route 501/509 to Cerová village, approximately 50 minutes’ drive

Eat here: Hotel Malvázia, Prievaly or Hotel Pri mlyne, Lozorno

Sleep here: Hotel Malvázia, Prievaly or Hotel Pri mlyne, Lozorno

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