1984. What a year! Anastasiya Kuzmina was born. And Scarlet Johasson. And Mike Spirit. And a Slovak passionate mountaineer Jozef Psotka reached the summit of Mount Everest without oxygen with Zoltán Demján and Sherpa Ang Rita. Together with Zoltan Demján he was the first Slovak climber who reached the summit of Mount Everest.

There is a spectacular old castle ruin from 13th century located in the forest of the Little Carpathians on the limestone rock. The Pajštún Castle.

With an interesting history, its attitude of 486 m offers panoramic views, even Austrian Alps are visible on sunny days.

And it is a hot spot and Bratislava's mecca for climbers, with rich history and reputation. Such big names as Dieška, Psotka, Demján, Kluvánek used to trained here before climbing the world´s highest mountains.

How to get there: by car using route E65 to Borinka village, approximately 25 minutes’ drive from Bratislava

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