5:30 a.m. After a very short sleep, Pavel Pavlis is standing in his kitchen. He is making coffee. And breakfast. He has some guests. Four tourists are sleeping in a guest room behind the kitchen. Pavel Pavlis is a castellan. And his home is the Uhrovec Castle. For more than ten years he has been doing this job, taking care of amazing castle ruins, organizing events to celebrate midsummer or feeding his cute cat. The Uhrovec Castle. Located in the Strážovské vrchy mountains in western Slovakia, two hours’ drive from Bratislava. Built in the Romanesque style.

Nowadays astonishing castle ruins with panoramic views. And there is a small village in the valley near to the castle. Where politician, poet, journalist, publisher, teacher, philosopher, linguist and the author of the Slovak language standard was born.

His name is Ľudovít Štúr. And the name of village is Uhrovec.

How to get there: by car using D1 and R1 highways to Nitra, then route 593 to Uhrovec and routes 1831/1832 to Uhrovecké podhradie, approximately 2 hours drive from Bratislava

Eat here: Restaurant Afrodita Chateau Čereňany

Sleep here: Hotel Chateau Čereňany

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