Let´s take a trip along the longest Slovak river, Váh.

The region with majestic forest and rounded hills, where already Stone Age people were sitting around the fire and gossiping.

The region with mystic castles, built in different historical eras, the protagonists of history, the protectors hidden in beautiful natural sceneries, witness of many battles.

With the feeling of Antiquity and old French elegance.

And the Považský hrad castle, towering on the steep mountain on the right bank of the Váh river is one of them.

How to get there: by car using D1 highway and E75 route to Považské Podhradie village, approximately 1,45 hours drive from Bratislava

Eat here: Salaš Kľak, Fačkov

Sleep here: Salaš Kľak, Fačkov

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