Polana and Poľana.

Polana is a region in Kosovo; a district in Maputo; an area in Slovenia.

Poľana is volcanic mountain range in Central Slovakia with the highest mountain named Poľana; a part of the High Tatras mountains; a mountain in the Low Tatras mountains.

Which Poľana would you choose? A huge extinct stratovolcano in the heart of Slovakia and the one of the best preserved volcano in the Central Europe seems to be the best option.  

How to get there?

- by car using D1/R1 highways to Zvolen, then E571/58 routes to Hriňová, approximately two 2,45 hours’ drive from Bratislava

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Hotel Masarykov Dvor, Vígľaš

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Hotel Masarykov Dvor, Vígľaš

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