Imagine. You stay among strong walls. And in front of you a story starts to play. While talking about the last battle, two knights dress the armor on. In the late afternoon shadow a little servant grooms the horse. Hubbub and laughter flow from the opened kitchen window, where women are gossiping about the last love story of the lord of the castle. And above all hovers a mighty voice of the castle owner, Máté Csák or Matthew III Csák Trencsén. Slovakia is a castle superpower. And a fairy-tale country. With more than 100 castle and at least a double of this number of manor houses. The proud protectors hidden in beautiful natural sceneries, the majestic witnesses of many battles. Today more of them are ruins.  But their stories are still alive.

How to get there: by car using D1 and R1 highways (the Gýmeš Castle is accessible from the Kostoľany pod Tribečom village; the Hrušov Castle is accessible from the Skýcov village), by bus, by train

Eat here: Restaurant Hotel Hradná Stráž Topolčianky or Castellum Cafe Nitra

Sleep here: Hotel Hradná Stráž Topolčianky or Hotel Manor House Topolčianky or Boutique hotel 11 Nitra

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