Blatnica. A picturesque village with colorful traditional houses with arches located in the Turiec Region, on a foothill of the Veľká Fatra Mountains. A gate to the marvelous 18km long Gaderská dolina valley. And to the 8km long Blatnická dolina valley. A home to amazing flora and fauna!

Let´s admire imperial deer, wild boar, mountain goats floating like feathers from stone to stone, clumsy bears and majestic eagles observing from above. Let´s wander, enraptured, among a sea of yellow-cypripedium beyond counting will carpet your way. Harken to birds singing, rivers burbling, horses neighing, sheep bells ringing. Or just to the silence.

Let the forest path lead you to the bizarre rock formation named the Devil´s Gate or Rocky Window to sense the smell of freedom and inspiration.

 And the next the forest path will lead you to the old castle ruins of Blatnica Castle. In its interior, the voice of František Révay, ancient lord of this region, will speak to you.

How to get there?

- by car using D1 highway to Žilina/Martin, then E517/58/75 routes to Blatnica approximately two 2,5 hours’ drive from Bratislava

Eat here

Restaurant Chatová Osada Gader, Gaderská dolina, Blatnica

Sleep here

Villa Ľadoveň, Martin

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