We love secrets!

And the beautiful Tríbeč mountain range is the right place. A hike to 829m is no problem, but you should be worried about all these mysterious stories about this place.

These Tríbeč triangle stories. The once that compares the area to the Bermuda triangle. Just because it lies between three cities, Nitra, Zlate Moravce and Partizanske, one hour drive from Bratislava.

Over the years many people have disappeared in this forest. Have you read that great book by Karika, Trhlina/Tear? It should be translated!

How to get there

By car using D1 and R1 highways to the Kostoľany pod Tribečom village

Eat here

Restaurant Hotel Hradná Stráž Topolčianky or Castellum Cafe Nitra

Sleep here

Hotel Hradná Stráž Topolčianky or Hotel Manor House Topolčianky or Boutique hotel 11 Nitra