Batovce, Bohunice, Brhlovce. Three villages located in the southern Slovakia. 150 km from Bratislava.

An old water mill. An old bridge. Old stone dwellings.

Through the centuries more than 4,000 watermill have been built in Slovakia. Nowadays hidden gems, demonstrating the forgotten power.  

The mill settlement of the miller Pavol Turcan is situated by Sikenica brook about 2 km from the northern part of Bohunice village. It is a type of water mill with a mill wheel on an upper drive.

Only a short hop from Bohunice village is Batovce village. A place where the mysterious  Slovak Chinese Wall, Giants´ Rampart or Fossa Giganteum, according to one Slovak historian the oldest human construction in the world- older than Egyptian pyramids, should have been located.

And a bridge. A wonderful Baroque stone bridge over the river.

And only a next short hop from Batovce village is Brhlovce. With stone settlements.

Imagine Cappadocia. In miniature.  And let the journey begin!

How to get there?

- by car using D1/R1 highways and E517/58/routes to Levice approximately 1,5 hours’ drive from Bratislava

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