Only sky is the limit, says one cliché. As we were there, it rained. But it didn´t stop us.

A rain and fog lent this place a touch of mysteriousness. Deep forest of Hansel and Gretel or Red Riding Hood accompanied us slowly between the high rocks.

River flowing in the middle showed us the way. Each gorge has a river. Each gorge is locked in an embrace of high rocks.

They only look similar. Each of them unfolds its own story.

Our story with the Juráňova dolina gorge started with drinking of Hafirovica! Curious what is it? Watch our video.

How to get there?

By car using D1 highway (Juráňova dolina gorge is accessible from the Oravice village), by bus, by train

Eat here: Koliba Hubertka

Sleep here: Oravský Háj Garden Hotel & Resort 

Curious? Join us!

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